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The Constant Princess (Boleyn)

The Constant Princess - Philippa Gregory Absolutely enjoyable. There's so much I didn't know about Katherine of Aragorn. Vivid descriptions of Granada and the Alahambra. It's been a while since I actually wanted to travel somewhere instantly just to see it, and this book's done it! Katherine's life was a difficult one, but she managed to fulfill her destiny through sheer determinacy and patience. The book focuses more on the years from when she was a child until her daughter Mary's birth, and I think it's right. We know what came later, so it's a lot more interesting and rewarding to know what came before.It was also great to have in such clarity the relationships between different historical figures that sometimes seem hard to place: Juana la Loca of Spain, for instance, was Katherine's sister. This puts the larger history of Spain, at least for me, in broader perspective.Definitely a must read!

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